‘sjFitNation inc.’ is a vision for our nation people to be digitalized , happy, fit and healthy. ‘sjFitNation inc.’ work towards providing IT solutions and also we are into Fitness industry. Our motto is “A sprint towards a digitalized and healthy future”.


  • We are operating in a challenging economy that creates a fertile environment for
    Information Technology and our team has a solid and proven track record,
    delivering high quality and timely services.
  • We are focused on developing powerful and cutting edge applications, that allow us
    to offer solutions which provide real business benefits.
  • Our team continuously fulfills our partners’ demands by constantly updating our
    knowledge, conquering new areas of expertise, increasing the quality of our
    consultancy and support services. We build long lasting relationships with our
    business partners, easily adapting to each one of their requirements.
  • is a vision, for our nation people to be digitalized, happy, fit and


We are capable to deploy a smart tailor made IT solution as per the customer requirements.

  • Application Development (Android + iOS)
  • Website Development (Static, Dynamic, Responsive)
  • Campaigning Services (Including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, YouTube)
  • Digital content creation (We have our own photographer with team)
  • Language Training(Java, Android, iOS, C, C++, .NET, PHP, Python)
  • Web base Application
  • Article publication
  • System Application
  • Server setup

In Fitness 

Whatever your body requires to achieve your goal, we are the best one in the market
with our professionals of Fit India along with doctors team.

  • Health and Lifestyle consultation

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  • Personalized diet plan

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  • Personal Training

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  • Full body health checkup with our doctors

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